10 October 2014

What? They did not give me the Nobel Peace prize this year either?

Man, I have never started a war. I always keep quiet when my wife yells at me. I even voted Yes in the recent “Do you want world peace” referendum. What does one have to do to bag the Nobel Peace prize? Start wars on a couple of countries like Iraq and Syria? What? Somebody beat me to that too?

I think I am going to try something different next year. When nobody is looking, I am going to swiftly change aim and go for the Nobel prize for Chemistry. I have no idea what those funny looking symbols in my daughter’s chemistry books mean but hey! I can mix drinks. That should count for something, right?

Well, till then, let me tell you about a really cool place I found in Portland which is particularly appropriate to visit when you realize that once again you do not have any Nobel Prize in your salient life achievements. Called Whiskey Library (in Portland), it is one of the largest bar for bourbon, whiskey, single malt etc etc that I have ever seen. I was totally impressed by their inventory.

If you get a chance ever, do not forget to visit that place. Please do invite me for your celebrations there in case you win the Nobel prize. Unless you get it for Economics. In which case, I am staying home. Those tweed jackets kick up my allergens!!! Plus I am really upset with the economists for not returning my money after they messed up with the economy last time.



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