5 October 2014

Nikispeak this morning

At the breakfast table, somehow the discussions got started around what Natasha was thinking about her choices of college. We know she wants to follow her heart into journalism and mass communication. I mentioned that a friend of mine had suggested that all kids should think of a second option to follow simultaneously because you learn a lot about yourself as you progress through college life.

Natasha: “Yeah! I am thinking of keeping Business as a major too”

Me: “That is a good idea. The good thing about Business is that it helps you in whatever profession you get into later – engineering, medical, journalism, movie making… whatever”.

And that is when Nikita piped up “What if Didi grows up to be a plumber? Or a street performer? I don’t see how a Business degree can help”.

Uproarious laughter and a little food fight between the sisters later, we left the table 🙂

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