29 September 2014

This is why you need a wife…

Out with Sharmila for our usual Sunday evening date night. Watching the Cowboys play Saints. We are at a different bar than our usual one today. Met the bartender at the new bar. I was exchanging notes about making cocktails with him.

Then I ordered my drink. It has been a cold, cloudy, dreary day. Thought I would get going with a Bourbon. The following conversation took place with Jay (the aforementioned bartender):

“Four Roses. Single Barrel”
“With a splash of Sprite”
“Four cubes. Wash. Don’t pour.”
“Got it”

And then as Jay walked away, he looked at Sharmila and said “The man knows how to take his Bourbon”.

Sharmila, completed unimpressed and accusing me of showing off (which was totally true πŸ™‚ ) asked me “Bolbo okey baaritey haath diye posto bhaath mekhey khao?” (“Shall I tell him that you mush your rice and curry with your hands at home and then eat with your fingers?”) πŸ™‚

Nothing like a wife to burst your pretentious sophistication bubble πŸ™‚


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  1. By Joyjit Mukherjee on

    I strongly object to one thing : “Posto” ISNOTEQUAL to “curry”! It is far superior it is like comparing a Dodge Neon with Cadillac. Sharmila what is wrong with having that with bare hands! Take this scenario for instance : Imagine both U & RR to be Chinese(or of Chinese decent) and he said the same thing to the bar-tender would the “Chinese-wife” say the same thing about him using chop sticks at home! πŸ™‚

  2. By Subrata Mukherjee on

    Now explain to me what haat diye posto bhat kgawa got to do with being sphisticated? I do that at almost every other dinner (can’t help-from bordhomaan) and i still consider myself sophisticated.

  3. By Rajib Roy on

    All my American friends, I would like to refer you to Paromita and Joyjit for a short yet lucid translation of “Bolbo okey baaritey haath diye posto bhaath mekhey khao?” that does not take away the central point I was trying to make.
    Paromita and Joyjit, your move. πŸ™‚

  4. By Joyjit Mukherjee on

    “Posto” as “Posto Choccori” or “Alu Posto” or “Pyag Posto” are a delicacy in the Great district of “Barddhhaman”. Curry refers to something like fish or chiken in an overcooked overspiced sauce, almost like a stew here in the US. The various “Postos”, when properly prepared looks like a paste. For instance “Aloo Posto” (Aloo = Potato) is small cubes of potato cooked in a “Posto” paste. I will leave the definition of “Posto” to Rajib. Over to u Rajib!

  5. By Bijit Bose on

    Ha ha ha ha …. hilarious! I am still laughing! Sharmila Roy Boni, fatafati! goragori khachi haste haste… It is a case of Bond becoming Reddy…

  6. By Bijit Bose on

    Joyjit Mukherjee – poppy seeds, softened with an hour of soaking, and then made into a paste by grinding – the grinding levels are decided by which item you are ooking.

  7. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    It was always obvious that our be(i)tter halves are the ones wearing the pants, puncturing our ‘pretentious hot air balloon’ whenever they need to cut us down to size!!!


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