12 September 2014

With my sister…

Growing up as a child, my relationship with my sister evolved in a very different way from that of my brother. I spent time with them only till I was sixteen years of age and then I was packed off to a residential school. I would get to see them only during the holidays – a couple of times a year. Throughout those years though, my brother and I bonded very strongly. We were born five years apart, however, we have remained very close to each other. Even today, we talk to each other at least once a day. Some of them are simply pulse-checking calls asking “Everything ok?” and lasts no more than 15 seconds – but we make the call, anyways. Every time I am in India, he makes it a point to ensure we are together everyday – regardless of the location. And he will not allow me to rent a car. He has to accompany me and drive himself wherever we go.

On the other hand, my sister and I – and we were born less than two years apart – never bonded that strongly. First, we fought over the same toys and then I hated her friends (because they were girls 🙂 ) In school, I was always awkward with girls (yeah, I know, it is difficult to believe that today) and everytime her friends would come to our house, I would drag my brother out of our house from the backdoor and start playing outside. There has always been that awkward distance between us.

However, there was one thing that always brought us together – our love for music. My brother was never musically inclined. That was my moment with my sister. Three to four times a week we would sit down for an hour together and practice music. That, of course, fell by the wayside when we left home to pursue studies.

For the last couple of years, we have tried to reconnect to those days by sitting down to practice music whenever I come to India.

This time was no exception.


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  1. By Moniruddin SK on

    Tor bajano r Somar gaan aktu sona na bhai. Somoy thale ami akhoni chole jetam Kalyani. Khub hoichoi kara jeto. Hope certainly that moment will come soon. Tobe aamar barite toke akbar antoto bajna sonatei hobe akatha bole rakhlam.Kobe seta rakhlam kintu.

  2. By Biplab Dey on

    Rajib, instead of still snap this one particularly shud have been a video clippings so that we cud njoy too… give a try..

  3. By Rajib Roy on

    Kaushik, I will tell him. He was and still is gifted athletically. Two years back I got him to start running. In three months, he was running 30 km in a day!!!


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