12 September 2014

Every morning in Kalyani is a hysteresis curve for me

What the 6km run in 90%+ humidity and 90 degrees Fahrenheit giveth,
The Luchi-aloor-dum-begun-bhaja-aloo-bhaja-makhamaara-sondesh breakfast promptly taketh away.

If it is not deeply fried or dripping in sugar, we don’t serve it for breakfast at our house đŸ™‚

The real irony? My dad thinks I should save my knees and stop running. This, from somebody who has had a heart attack and suffers from sugar and kidney issues!!!

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Khokon, yes, makha sondesh is called makhamara in Kalna-Mogra area. I think the mara comes from constant boiling of milk…


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