11 September 2014

After effects of World Cup Soccer

After a rather long car ride, I eventually reached my brother-in-law’s house in Kharagpur where my inlaws are now staying. I had gone completely unannounced. Needless to say, everybody was very surprised.

None were, however, as surprised as the maid servant at their place. The poor lady had never seen a middle aged man in shorts and shining shaved head in front of her. Curious, she discreetly asked my sister-in-law “Uni ki Bombay thekey esechhen?”. Evidently, she had guessed that I have some connections with the movie world.

She accurately guessed that she was way off. Her first hint was my sister-in-law’s uncontrollable laughter πŸ™‚ So, she promptly corrected herself “Oh! Football kheltey esechhen, na?”!!!! She thought I was part of a soccer team and had come to play in a local tournament!!!

You can’t blame her. I am sure two months of World Cup soccer on TV is enough for anybody to associate shorts and shining pates to soccer players. The fact that I was wearing a two-tone panel shirt and old pair of running shoes did not help matters either πŸ™‚

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  1. By Biplob Bose on

    This dress anyway can make a maid in kharagpur go crazy man. She has grown up seeing mohun bagan in green & maroon, east bengal in red & yellow and mohamedan sporting in black & white. So green & black shirt (may be jersey even), black or green shorts probably and sports shoes obviously indicate a footballer. Kharagpur is years behind USA and the maid is probably from somewhere in midnapore, which is light years away from USA.

  2. By Nirmalya Roy on

    I think this the best story so far from your latest India trip, I love it. As I also have some similar look, need to keep in mind this story during my next visit to India.

  3. By Moniruddin SK on

    Oi maid servent-ke sotti dhonnobad j se tor sothik mullayan koreche. Tobe toke movie-r Hero mone koreni ata nishchit. Khalnayak hoyto vebechilo.


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