23 August 2014

Nikispeak – Shakespearian dilemma

The morning, Niki was in our master bathroom getting decked up by Sharmila for her Indian dance performance slated for later in the morning. I happened to swing by to go to the closet and on my way jumped on to the weighing scales to check my weight. As I got off the scales and proceeded towards the closet, the following conversation ensued…

Niki: “So what did the scales say?”

Me: “164.2 pounds”

Niki: “Is that good or bad?”

Me (in an attempt to brush her off): “There is nothing good or bad. Only thinking makes it so”.

Niki (promptly): “Got it. You just don’t want to admit that it is bad”  🙂

After I had my laugh, I asked her seriously “Do you know who said those words – there is nothing good or bad m’lord… only thinking makes it so?”

Niki: “Albert Einstein?”

Me: “Get out! Somebody much earlier than that”

Niki: “Jesus?”

Me (barely suppressing my laughter): “No. Later”

Niki: “American Indians?”

Me: “Where are you coming up with these guesses from? His first name was William and he was born in England”

Niki: “I know. Prince William!”

Finally, I gave up and said “No. It was William Shakespeare”.

“Totally uninteresting dude”, she retorted!!

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  1. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    Remember Rajib…how we used to enjoy Midsummer Night’s Dream !Ah! Times have changed….for the better or worse, only time will tell! But I really appreciate her straightforward nature!


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