15 August 2014

Aggressive acquisition by Delta, reported by Roy-ters

Vice President Kerry was stranded in Hawaii when Air Force Two was grounded for mechanical problems.

It has now been revealed that in a further sign of consolidation of airlines, Delta had actually acquired Air Force One and Two last year đŸ™‚ Vice President Kerry was given a $300 voucher that he can use anytime in the next year as long as it was on Air Force Two đŸ™‚

Jokes aside, the Veep was put on a commercial plane and he took it in his stride. When his staff informed him of they having moved him to an United Airlines flight, apparently he immediately responded “Finally, some frequent flier miles!!!”.

By the way, did you know Air Force Two or for that matter Air Force One is not a particular plane? Any US Air Force aircraft used by the President or the VP is automatically designated Air Force One or Two.

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Ok, I need to go to sleep now. It was Secretary of State and it was an Air Force plane not Air Force Two as originally reported. Looks like Roy-ters has become as reliable as nationally syndicated news channels now. Ok, now for my sleeping pills…


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