20 July 2014

Nikispeak: Advances in Technology

This morning, I was shopping online for a few items for myself and Natasha. She was going to pay her items with her gift card – except that her gift card had $15 more than her share of the shopping cart. So, I proposed that we use her card and I would give her $15 in cash. She said “Yes” and then immediately said, “Do not give me any cash. I need to buy something from Target later. I will use this difference – the money in the air, so to speak, that time”. I pointed out “That is called the credit I owe you”. She went “Whatever! There is no real money. It is money in the air.”

All along, Nikita was sitting next to me listening to us. Finally, she had to serve up Natasha with a technology correction. “That is not called ‘air’, Didi. That is called the ‘cloud’ “.

I was like “You go, girl!!”

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  1. By Samudra Dutta Gupta on

    Me and Mou ( she is in kolkata now) was discussing how do u get so much time to spend on facebook. I found only housewives and you always online. Sometimes I really feel that u must be having some “Dummy” RAJIB ROY.


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