18 July 2014

Estimation: Delta style

Woke up at 4 am to catch a flight at a God-forsaken hour. As the flight door was closed, the pilot announced maintenance issue and gave an estimate of a 15 minute delay to get the paperwork done. One and a half hour later, we are still drinking terrible coffee sitting right where we were.

I think all Delta pilots have a background in running IT projects πŸ™‚

Posted July 18, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Travelogs


  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Monica, that is okay. Flight delays don’t bother me any more. In fact, it is awesome fun to watch everybody’s reactions…

  2. By Bob Hart on

    I can promise you not all IT folks are optimists … I hold myself up as an example and Rajib can confirm πŸ™‚ I am a pessimist through and through because I like pleasant surprises.

  3. By Dhananjay Nene on

    IT projects are run and estimates created with a consistent visible pattern.

    Developers are incredibly optimistic about how soon the work can be done.
    Managers are very pessimistic and fear developers pad in too much buffer
    Sales is realistic. Neither of the estimates are material. The correct estimate is what the customer would like to hear πŸ™‚

    Your pilot could’ve been any of the three πŸ™‚

  4. By Ananda Rakhit on

    Anytime you hear 5-15 minute delay it is not to be trusted. They are called creeping delays and it is standard practice to put out a stock number when they really don’t know.


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