9 July 2014

You have to laugh at me for this :-)

Even for a road warrior like me, this is a first time. I had a great start to the morning – had my coffee and quiet time, put in a run, did my stretches, went up to my room, finished my shower and then started getting dressed up for my office meetings.

I was almost done. I had to just put my shoes on. Started putting my socks on. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks!!! And I remembered what had happened. I had grabbed by black socks from the washer dryer last evening because *somebody* forgot to do it the previous night. And threw them in my suitcase together with my dress shoes. (It was an evening flight, so I had my sockless casual shoes on for the flight).

One of them was a black sock, as it turned out. The other one, much to my dismay, was the same *somebody*’s piece of unmentionable!!! After a long time today, I was totally flummoxed. I am sure you agree it would have been ridiculous wearing that with my dress shoe!!

My neon colored running socks and black dress shoes it is for today, then! Off to the meetings I go…

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  1. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    Am I to believe RR has only one pair of formal socks? Or he isn’t leaving this one opportunity to display his favorite neon colored socks ?

  2. By Bob Hart on

    I have forgotten socks .. and even once shoes .. on the road. That week, it was dress shirt, dockers and sneakers all week ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. By Shridhar Sethuram on

    I have twice worn 2 shoes from 2 different pairs till my driver pointed it out..The second time was to a Board meeting..I quickly diverted to the closest Bata store

  4. By Alan Chenkin on

    SO we were in a small plane flying from Cincinnati to Mississippi, and the sales manager – a proper southern gentleman from Kentucky- proceeds to take off his Dockers boat shoes, and gives both feet a thorough manicure. When I asked him about this, he told me the boss was upset that he was calling on customers WITHOUT SOCKS ON. At which point the SM pulled a pair of socks out of his pocket, pulled them on his “gussied up” feet, and was ready to close the next sales deal. I could feel his concern, as it was “barefoot season” in the south. The weirder part was that the boss asked me later if he wore his socks on the call. Now I wonder what the boss would have done if he had mis-matched (neon) socks…. !

  5. By Partha Mohanram on

    Rajib. You forgot socks. I landed up at Stanford without shoes with a seminar I was presenting next day at 10 am. Thankfully I had rented a car so I drove to target and got a pair of shoes and made it on time.


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