2 July 2014

Road-Blogs ahead: DEN

Denver airport is one of the most beautiful and well organized airports. Great art work, lot of nice restaurants and wine places and very well organized traffic.

If only they had made it in Denver!!

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  1. By Ananda Rakhit on

    When they moved from Stapleton near downtown in the early 1990’s it was thought of as a white elephant but over time it has worked out. Modeled after Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson but with a lower population and no significant location advantage. They touted it is halfway between London and Tokyo but in reality on a straight line and far from great circle between the cities over which airplane routes are built. United’s concourse is I believe still the longest in the country and 2 planes can taxi side by side between concourses with planes parked at both. This shaves crew time by minutes and so is worth a tidy sum. United hired a company that was building the most sophisticated baggage system with “lizard tongues” taking baggage directly from the belly to the sorter underground without baggage trolleys. The sorting and routing technology was amazing to see. Unfortunately it failed and was removed. Was on a task team representing IE/OR to figure out plan B before the airport opened.

  2. By Brian Cartwright on

    Earlier this year the Dulles office of Quantum Spatial conducted an update of the geographic database for DIA, allowing me to become very familiar with the entire airport property through viewing the 3d aerial photos. Soon we will be starting original mapping for Seattle-Tacoma Airport.


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