30 June 2014

Fighting fire with fire!

I remember I had once called Tasha almost a year back on her cellphone. She promptly sent a text message “What?”. “Why are you calling me?”. Evidently, for her and kids her age these days, a phone is for texting, not making calls. Oh! how I wish Graham Bell had seen what we have done with his instrument to talk to each other!!

In any case, sitting in my plane today, before taking off, I figured I should check on Tasha since I had not talked to her the whole time after leaving her at Brown. I was careful not to make a phone call. I simply texted “Everything ok?”. No response! I texted ten minutes later enquiring if she was enjoying everything. No response still.

So, I was wondering what did I need to do to get her to respond. I was like “Rajib, think. Think hard”. So, I came up with an alternate idea. I know these kids do not Facebook – but they Snapchat all the time. So I wrote the above message on my iPad, and then using my iPhone took a picture and Snapchatted it to her.

Under ten seconds, I got a text message “I am fine”.

Dad’s old technology plus wily ways: 1
Daughter with new technology: 0



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