10 June 2014

Run by the river

5K run to the sleepy Sheboygan Harbor… I am sure you have guessed the rest…. This is on a river called Sheboygan in the town called Sheboygan in the county called Sheboygan et cetera et cetera et cetera 🙂


Posted June 10, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Running


  1. By Kelly Knaack on

    Whenever I miss seeing you around the office, I just say Sheboygan. Because I can’t say Sheboygan without smiling.

  2. By Ravi Ballamudi on

    You should drop by Sheboygan ave in Madison. Krishnan Suresh and I have set up camp here. :-). Can’t promise I will run with you but can surely take you to a yoga class.


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