6 June 2014

That was an anticlimax

I had always dreamt that when I become a full fledged CEO, my first big executive decision would be unraveling a world beating strategy or my best in class management team in front of a large gathering. You know, like I see other big successful CEOs do. So I had promised to myself that I will take 30 days before I make my first executive decision. It had to be a totally world beating decision.

Well, that promise came about 26 days short 🙁 I walked into a large office center this morning and realized that in full due mid-western respect to the CEO position, they had kept the rockstar parking spot next to the entrance door for me with my name and position advertised on it. I squirmed in my pants and parked my rental car in the proper parking lot a few yards away with everybody else.

For two hours, I went thru presentations and was completely distracted by what had happened. Finally, I had to own up to who I am, excused myself for a bio break and made a beeline for the front lady desk and sheepishly asked her if she could ensure that never ever would there be a parking lot or a office with my name on it. She was the sweetest lady. This is the Midwest. It was quirky but she immediately obliged.

There! That was my first executive decision that I put my foot down firmly on and was willing to pull rank on to get done. Total anticlimax, but I so feel like being myself again! Phew!!


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