28 May 2014

Nikispeak : Are you being stalked?

Just came home to a really irate Nikita. Evidently, Sharmila had showed her the press release and she had read every word of it. Moment I opened the door to step in, she demanded to know “Mister, all these days you told me you work in technology. But looks like you were doing fraud. How come you never told me? Are you ashamed of yourself?”. I looked at Sharmila helplessly, not knowing what hit me. She mentioned about the PR and I was able to quickly put two and two together.

Barely suppressing my laughter, I explained – “No, we used technology to catch fraudsters,  not to commit fraud”. Somewhat incredulous, she demanded to know next “How come your new company knows so much about you? Are they stalking you?”. “No, they are doing no such thing,” I assured her, emptying my pockets into the kitchen drawer.

“Well, then there is only one explanation. Your new company is already your Facebook friend”!! At this point, I had had my share of fun. So, I readily admitted “Indeed, that is true”. “One day, you will get into trouble making friends with strangers”, she warned. Then, she stomped out of the kitchen with her little feet and went up to her room 🙂

Ah! The small pleasures in life. Why do they grow up so fast?

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  1. By Al Blake on

    After reading the release, it does sound kind of like you were in charge of the fraud 😀


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