20 May 2014

“It is just a job”. Except when it is not.

All throughout my life, I have tried my level best to keep a perspective on life. What is important and what is not important. If you read the book by the Australian palliative nurse in a hospice, you will notice that no dying person ever regretted not having worked some more. And so, I always keep telling myself “It is just a job”. There are more important things in life.

Indeed, “it is just a job”. Except that, it isn’t. The way my DNA is built up, a job has never been a mechanism to make more money – I think of that as merely an outcome; a job has never been about rising an organizational ladder – my current business card says I am “Executive Pusher of the Envelope” and certainly a job has never been about striving for the corner office – I have not had an office for a long time – instead choosing to work with my teams in Starbucks, cafeterias, meeting rooms and bars. For sure, a job has never been my sole pursuit in life – I run, practice humor, play the tabla, make cocktails, write the first draft of the history of my future – all at arguably terrible levels – and in general choose to border on the ridiculous just to explore life!

But I will tell you what a job has always been to me – it has been yet another chance to create a mosaic of relationships, another opportunity to create “intersection points”, another opportunity to get to know a few more human beings that I got a chance to cross paths with in this short thing we choose to call “life” – all the while professionally doing something I love and hopefully creating some more value in the world.

And that is why it is never just a job. Long after I will forget the numbers and the product details and the contract negotiations, I will remember the people – the team members, the peers, my manager, our customers, our partners. Thru every interactions I have had with them, I have learnt a little more. About myself and about life in general.

And the sum total of those interactions have made me grow up so much in the last seven years. Those emails, those hallway conversations, those intense differences in opinions, those heartfelt laughters, those dreaming sessions, those Starbucks team meetings, those uncomfortable conflict resolutions, those going to a bar to let it all out… every piece of those interactions has made me a better executive, a better team member and a better human being.

As I get off the Equifax bus and board the Quantum Spatial bus, I certainly appreciate the opportunity life has presented to me. It is not often that somebody gets a chance to lead a bright and promising team in a very fast growing market. Let alone twice in succession!!! But more than anything else, I appreciate and acknowledge the influence each and every Equifax team member had on me. Without the Equifax team accepting me and helping me grow before dropping me at my stop seven years later, I would have never been worthy of stepping onto the QSI bus. I understand that deeply.

No journey in life is done in straight lines. If our paths intersected once, they will certainly intersect again. With that hope to run into you around the corner some day soon, here is a heartfelt Thank You to all my Equifax friends from myself, my ever supporting wife Sharmila and our two beautiful daughters – Natasha and Nikita. We seek your best wishes as we embark on our next journey.

Before, I sign off, as is my wont, “I wish you enough” … (See the following post to understand the context http://www.rajibroy.com/?p=5693 )

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  1. By Hal Boyd on

    And I wish you enough as well as you turn the page to the next chapter. See you around my friend.

  2. By Pilar Bide on

    Rajib, you´re wise… [… enough, so as to not have you telling me you´re not wise… 😉 ] and always enrich our vision by “sharing” and humor. I´m glad to have had the chance to meet you!!! I wish you all the best in this next step in your career and in your life. You have a wonderful and supportive family and I´m confident you´ll continue to explore life in a hilarious way!! 😀

  3. By Dan Parzych on

    I wish I had the opportunity to work more closely with you Rajib but I do feel that I got to experience some of your excellent energy in our hallway conversations and runs. Good luck with the new adventure!

  4. By Harish Iyer on


    One of the best transition emails I’ve ever seen! Congratulations and best wishes for the next bus ride! Hope to intersect at some bus-stop somewhere, and perhaps even ride together again (post-i2).

  5. By Trey Warren on

    Wow! It is hard to believe it has been 7 years since our first interaction point. It was just this time of year. Good post. I look forward to our next IP! Best wishes!

  6. By Sumit Rao on

    Best wishes for this new chapter. I am not aware of how much prep you put into these wonderful posts but I get the feeling that they just flow. Always enjoy them. Thanks.

  7. By Nita Ganguly on

    Congratulations Rajib … Good luck as you embark on yet another exciting journey . Best wishes from the both of us . Nitadi and Ranjanda

  8. By Uttara Pattanaik on

    Congratulations!! All the very Best………
    You write so well, Rajib! I am becoming your fan!

  9. By Gerardo Urías Lemus on

    I wish you enough Mr Rajib Roy! I wish you enough. I feel myself lucky because I met such a knowledgeable, charismatic, trustable, dynamic and kind-of-funny cricketeer. Never knew if you were a baller or a fielder but I could bet on your playing both very well. Success no matter how you prefer to define it, is always on your path. I wish you enough.

  10. By Gayatri Chandrasekharan on

    Very nicely written, Rajib! All the very best in your new role! Good luck!!

  11. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    If I am not mistaken, Adolf Hitler once said , that, the amount of money lying in your bank when you die is equivalent to the amount of wasted hours you have devoted to earn that amount of money which you could have put to better use! But still we keep running! Gung Ho Rajib! Full steam ahead! Life is waiting for you with open arms! What surprised me was your changing buses so effortlessly, with you carrying on your daily chores including your delightful posts as usual ! Happy QS days ahead! More people to meet and likely creation of many more L.I.Ps!!

  12. By Sanjib Banerjee on

    Congratulations Rajib and all the very best! Enjoyed reading your post as always…. I call it “keep challenging”, not a strength or intelligence, it is the key to explore our potential.

  13. By Donna Taylor on

    Rajib, A very sincere and heartfelt Congratulations. It was a privilege to know and work with you. You made me laugh the very first time I met you 7 years ago and continued to do so every time with met afterwards. Your love of life and ability to be a successful executive was very special and gave us all the knowledge that you could do both successfully. As you embark on this new chapter – I wish you and your family a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life. I look forward to “hearing” about all of your next adventures. With big hugs,

  14. By Mohammad Nejad-Sattary on


    My sincere congrats on your transition to QSI. Those reading your entertaining posts on FB will be able to fully appreciate your “intersection point” comments in this post.

    I continue to call my i2 stint my best employment period, not only for its visionary leadership, but also for the so many great colleagues near and far. I have yet to find another like it, but I’m not giving up the search for a truly engaged team, led by passion from the individual contributors to the executive leadership.

    Best of luck in your new endeavour,

  15. By Marla Finn on

    I look forward to hearing about the next chapter as I am sure it was be an exciting one! I will absolutely miss working with you though….you have made the past seven years exciting, have helped me feel more confident to challenge the status quo and you have taught all of us how to have fun at work again! I am truly going to miss that!! Best wishes to you on the next chapter!

  16. By Kristine Pelkey on

    What a beautiful sentiment! … and “Welcome!” from Quantum Spatial.

  17. By Judy Headley on

    Indeed, had it been ‘just a job’, I wouldn’t find myself at Equifax 41 years. Your sentiments are quite touching and I wish you the very best at Quantum Spatial. Please stay in touch with your Equifax friends. You will be missed!

  18. By Judy Headley on

    Indeed, had it been ‘just a job’, I wouldn’t find myself at Equifax 41 years. Your sentiments are quite touching and I wish you the very best at Quantum Spatial. Please stay in touch with your Equifax friends. You will be missed!

  19. By Pablo Ganga on

    All the best Rajib, you will do great!. Until we meet again.

  20. By Vipul Mapara on

    Best Wishes! I will always remember my first interaction with you and will always cheer a leader that connects to employees at the heart beat.

  21. By Miriam Wardak on

    Dear Rajib, Congratulations and enjoy everything you do! I know you will!


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