15 May 2014

FIL-MIL Mehfil

Today, Sharmila took my inlaws to the ultimate Mecca for all Indians who come to this country – that sanctum sanctorum that has to be paid its due visit if you are worth any Indian gene you might have. And no, I am not talking about Niagara Falls – that place is so overrun with Indians that I am sure they have declared it some kind of Union Territory of India or something. I am talking about our good old neighborhood COSTCO!!!

One round of walk up and down a couple of Costco aisles and my mother in law promptly canceled her evening walk for the day!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ She was devastated by the fact that you cannot buy one or two items – you have to buy twenty packets at a time (or so it seems to me).

But she was certainly pleased to be not the only person wearing a saree among a crowd!!!

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  1. By Pinaki Mukherjee on

    You should visit Costco in Sunnyvale. They are sampling Bhel Puri and Malai Kulfi. Nanak Rasmalai is the 3rd best selling item in this costco.


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