13 May 2014

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This is when you know America has a food problem. Just found out that May is the National Burger Month!

Really? We celebrate all mothers for one day. We celebrate all our fallen soldiers for one day. And for burgers, we keep the whole month? That too one that has not 28, not 30 but the max of 31 days?

God help us. And the cows 🙂

Posted May 13, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Bob Hart on

    God doesn’t need to help the cows. Dan Thompson once commented to me that cows have the perfect evolutionary quality any species could have .. they taste good. As a result, other species like ourselves, go out of their way to make sure cows survive 🙂 As for burger month, we are a country that prides itself on our tackiness 🙂


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