5 May 2014

Intersection point right under my nose!!!

I moved to this city back in 2007. One of the first things I did was look for a running group. Thru Google (what else?), I found out about Windward Road Runners group. Joined them promptly and among many other friends I made was Samantha Taylor. I remember how funny she was and how she always left after coffee at 6:20 to get to her preschool where she was a teacher.

Ever since, we have run into each other during runs, during races and once even talked about a professional gig she was starting.

Roll forward from that day in 2007 by 7 years. This afternoon, her daughter Madeline told her “I am scared of how to draw Natasha’s 16th birthday card – her mom is a professional artist!”. And Samantha went “Wait a minute, your friend Natasha Roy has a mom who is a professional artist? What is her dad’s name?”

And as she told us the story when she came to drop her daughter for our daughter’s birthday, I found out that the Madeline who is my running buddy’s friend is the same Madeline from school that Natasha keeps talking about!!!

I missed that intersection point completely so far!!! Is that cool or us that cool?


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