27 April 2014

My mom!!

Waiting at DC airport, I called up mom to let her know we have reached US safely. I was expecting her to talk about all the fun we had while I was there – all the trips – or maybe give an update about my dad or might be even ask about my flights.

But no!

The first thing she said in a remorseful voice moment I said “Hello”, was “Issshhh! chholar daal khaona holo na ebar”. (She forgot to cook a particular dish for me!!!)

Not sure of all moms – certainly all Bengali moms think that way!!

There is a snippet from an old Bengali poem which is very appropriate..

“….. hey mugdho jononi
Rekhecho Bangali korey; manush koroni” !!!!

But I am sure I speak for all Bengalis when I say we will not have it any other way!!!

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  1. By Antara Choudhuri on

    I haven’t even booked my tickets, my mom made a specific mango pickle that I love before the mango season is over! Love mom, and all Bengali moms!

  2. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    Yes Bengali mothers are in love with their children throughout their life and consider them as an extension of their own self! But in this particular situation you cannot blame her. She will keep planning what she will feed you during your periodic journeys back home. “Cholar daal is one such item which is not available in the exotic land where you have settled down for good! This is the only way she can express her profound love for her accomplished son(onek boro manush hoyecho baba tumi!).And she blurts out her unfulfilled agenda once she gets to talk to you! Try giving her a surprise visit, and she will not be pleased at all! Her joy lies in planning for you , her very Bengali menus, her expression of love!!


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