23 April 2014

Creating intersection points – one success…

One more frustrating search ends with a happy ending. Kanta-di and her brother Buro had eluded me for a long time. Not any more. Got couple of clues from my last trip to India. One challenge – the clues were too broad.

Went searching the area this morning with little success. Then my brother hit upon a novel idea – we started asking all the shops nearby. One of the shopkeepers gave us the exact address!!!

I don’t think Kanta-di or Buro could have successfully recognized her if their life depended on it!!! But it was awesome fun once we told them who we were!!

Unfortunately, found out that my search took a little too long to see uncle and aunt (their parents) one last time…

One more set of friends that I last saw in 1979 has been traced. Now I have their phone numbers too… Makes keeping up so much simpler….


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