23 April 2014

Creating another intersection point – disappointing end

After having found Mitu, Kanta-di and Buro, started the next search – Bablu-da. He was a couple of years elder to us and had two sisters younger to us.

Again, started with the broad indications I had received in the past and after narrowing the area, started the block to block search. I described him to way too many people but nobody seemed to know. Some went out of their ways to help and called a few local people who have been around for some time.

The temperatures had already hit 100 F. Frustration was rising at the same rate. Even the curious street dogs who were following this strange, shaven head, shorts wearing guy from door to door went like “You are on your own now, dude” and sat under a tree with their tongues hanging out.

That is when I decided to give up for now and try again during my next trip. Some more tenacity and resources…. and I will find him one way or the other.

Now, the three hour drive back to dad and mom..

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