18 April 2014

My chariot for tonight

There is my plane – A380 – for tonight. It is one humongous beast. Other planes look really puny next to it!

The end of one wing to the other is nearly the length of a football field!! That Wright brother’s flight that got us into flying? They flew only half that distance!!!

The plane has the height of a ten story building! (This one knocked me off)

The plane weighs the same as … not ten, not twenty, not even hundred but 165 fully grown elephants!!!

My daughter’s entire elementary school can get in and then they will have some more seats open!!

It has space for 3000 suitcases!!!

I am told fifteen hundred companies manufacture various parts of this plane!!

If you took all the wires in this plane and laid them end to end, they would go over 500 kilometers!!!

It is amazing that with all that, it flies for fifteen hours continuously at 43,000 feet!!!


Posted April 18, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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