1 April 2014

A good day’s worth of work done :-) APRIL FOOL!!!

Nearly 70 birthday Comments, personal messages and emails!! If not anything, this should at least boost my ego 🙂 No, it was not my birthday yesterday. Or today. However, today is April 1st. And that was an April Fool trick 🙂

I was running very early morning in the dark and was wondering when was the last time I played an April Fool’s trick. Figured let me make the answer “today”. So, when I got back to the Starbucks, I posted the previous post thanking everybody for their birthday wishes. Which was a lie 🙂 🙂 I decided to keep quiet for 12 hours before saying …


On the other hand, things were starting to get out of control. I got multiple calls from India. I was feeling really bad breaking the news to them. I got Roger to draw a doodle for me! (Featured in my FB page). I even got a bottle of wine at office from a friend!!!

Many obviously realized that I was pulling a fast one but many many more did fall for it.

Since one good turn deserves another, pulled a fast one at office too. Sent to my team members a concocted press release announcing our arch rival buying up one of our close partners. And if you clicked on the “more details” link at the end, it took you to a page that declared boldly “April Fool” accompanied by a selfie (I took right after the run) with my tongue sticking out 🙂 🙂 (See http://www.rajibroy.com/?p=5275 )

Only two team members – including the head of finance who anyways believes in nothing till he sees it – saw it coming!!

I think I have made enough of an idiot of myself for a day!!

By the way, do you know the origin of April fool’s day?

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  3. By Malal Miriam Mayar Wardak on

    Dear Rajib,
    Not to point out the obvious but I would not get a boost of ego that 70 plus people did not really know your actual b-day 🙂 – we still care for you!!!

  4. By Rajib Roy on

    Malal Miriam,no, but it is good to know that 70 of them are as gullible as I am 🙂 loved your message wishing me and then coming back later to say “Bad Boy” 🙂

  5. By Rajib Roy on

    Sangha , I did see your post in the morning. I was this close to calling you and telling you that yours was more devious than mine 🙂

  6. By Gerardo Urías Lemus on

    Well done Rajib… I had to choose to believe today is your real BDY cause the alternative (this to be a joke) had less probability 🙁

    BTW… When is your real BDY?

  7. By Amy Swotinsky on

    This truly made my day! I love the energy you put into this to put a smile on my and others’ faces. Well done indeed!

  8. By Priya Basu on

    Rajib da: in the UK, and in countries whose traditions derived from the UK, excluding Australia, the joking ceased at midday. A person playing a joke after midday is the “April fool” themselves 🙂


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