31 March 2014

Early morning Nikispeak

Since Monday is a non-run day for me usually and my first meeting was close to home, I did not start very early this morning from home. And thanks to that, I experienced something interesting. I heard Nikita’s alarm go off – multiple times – once at 6:00, once at 6:15 and then again at 6:30. Interestingly, the three alarms were completely different tunes.

When she came down, the following conversation took place:
Me: “Good morning! Had a good sleep?”
She: “It is Monday morning. I never have enough sleep on Monday mornings!”
Me: “Hmmmm.. seems like you need to go to bed earlier on Sundays. By the way, why do you have three alarms?”
She: “The first one says ‘Time to get up’. Second one says ‘Get up now’. the last one says ‘GET UP ALREADY'”
I am totally amused by now. So I pressed on:
Me: “So much focus on organization! Can you not apply the same skill to go to bed early?”
She: “No”
Me: “Why not?”
She: “Dad. You won’t get it. It is a young people thingy.”
Me: “Really? Ok, tell me this – why different tunes for different alarm times?”
She: “So that when I slam the alarm off, I do not have to open my eyes to check what time it is!!!!”
I stopped there. Again, so much thought process and planning…. Why not go to bed half an hour earlier? One of these days, I am hoping to catch up on this “young people thingy” – whatever it is!!!

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  1. By Vijaya Vivek Kamath on

    The young lady surely has a strong and awesome logic. Young thingy is a generation gap. Me too always gets to hear “Amma let it be …. Where you are now you won’t understand (referring to my age obviously)”

  2. By Shari Campbell Lotz on

    I think it is DNA – either you have the genes that get you up with one alarm OR the rest of us have multiple alarms and an on-going love affair with the snooze button.


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