29 March 2014

That is an incredible act!!

Don’t ask me why I had to read up on Rajasthani music early in the morning. (Rajasthan is a beautiful state on the northwest side of India bordering Pakistan and filled with desert land). Was studying and listening to some of their folk songs when ran into this incredible video.

First, I believe this dance is called Kalbeliya performed by a tribe also with the same name. They are actually nomads – Gypsies and originate from a group that left Egypt with Moses. They mostly made their livelihood catching snakes and performing snake charmer acts till India outlawed that. Now they primarily perform traditional folk songs and dance.

Check this video out of such a Kalbeliya dance. Some of the acrobatics of the first dancer should get her into Olympics. The next two girls did something that almost had me scream … They put their finger rings down on the floor, and while dancing, bent over backwards and picked the rings up – two each – simultaneously – with their ….. EYELIDS!!! Holy macro!!! I shudder to even put an eye drop in my eye!!!

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  1. By Subramanian Subramanian on

    We were Jaisalmer to herald New Year 2014. There the traditional dancer you are referring to bent over backwards and picked up double edged razor blade with her eyelids !


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