26 March 2014

Interesting ad

While driving in Alpharetta this morning, this sign caught my eye! Interesting how when it comes to specifying the total area, they get into the third decimal place but when it comes to the area that you can actually use, it is a very high level gross – ummmm…. plus minus 4 acres πŸ˜‰

First, to put it in perspective, the third level of decimal place is equivalent to an area about 2 meters by 2 meters. This, when they are trying to sell an area which is more than 10 (American) football fields – including the two goal areas on either side!!

This is also probably symbolic of how we selfishly think about our belongings. When it comes to how much I am buying, I want to make sure the neighbors are very clear where the line goes – I am not going to give even a third decimal place area. When you ask me, “so much are you thinking you are going to use?”, I am like “Mehhhh… four acres? something like that? Why? Why does that matter to you?” πŸ™‚


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