17 March 2014

An evening at Milton’s

Every Sunday Sharmila and I have our date night at Milton’s. When you go to the same bar every week for years you tend to get to know the folks at the bar and their families and many of the regular customers (and Sharmila too đŸ™‚ ). And that is part of the charm of our date nights. Without Milton’s our date nights would not be as memorable.

Case in point: Today’s featured singer Jamie was merrily singing and I was focusing on my Bourbon, when a small kid – he could not have been more than three years old – escaped from his parents and strolled into the bar area. As if on a cue, Jamie started singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. As the kid watched Jamie mesmerized, all the folks in the bar spontaneously gathered around the kid and Jamie and joined in the song. Eventually, the harried dad who must have realized his son was missing appeared on the scene too!! After the song, everybody clapped loudly and went back to their seats laughing!!!

It is these impromptu moments in life that gives you what scripted schedule can never give you – they sense of some unique moments that probably will not repeat again!!


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