11 March 2014

Crazy animal facts

The fact that I am asking you this should tell you what the answer is. And yes, they are crazy but true!!!

1. Which animal has killed more humans in Africa? Hippos or lions? (I could not believe this)
2. Which animal can go more days without water? A camel or a giraffe? (What? What about that ship of the desert thing????)
3. You have a white cat which has blue eyes. Therefore it is deaf. True or False? (Go figure this one)
4. Which one is more likely to kill you? A champagne cork or a poisonous spider?
5. Which is the food most number of people are allergic to? Cow’s milk or peanut? (Bad news for my folks back in India)
6. Every year, which one of these kill more people? Bees or snakes? (Wait till Sharmila finds this out 🙂 )
7. An average bed has how many dust mites? About a dozen or about as many people are there in this world? (There goes my sleep in a Marriott bed tonite)
8. Which kills more people every year? Coconuts or sharks?
9. Which accelerates faster than the other – by about 50 times of the other? A flea or the space shuttle?
10. Which one of these two animals have been proven to prefer blondes over brunettes? Man or mosquito? (Really? Who came up with the study? Incredible!!!)

At this point I decided to stop reading any further. Else I might come across something absolutely crazy like a hippo can run faster than humans or something like that… What? That is true too?

I give up! Good night folks!!

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  1. By Dhananjay Nene on

    Rajib, on the Cow’s milk part, I had read in a book on genetics that two regions in the world, one the south of himalayas (can’t remember the other one) have a different genetic makeup which substantially dampens the lactose intolerance that builds up over time with most of humankind. So don’t worry the milk part is taken care of, at least in India. Or for that matter Indians living elsewhere 🙂 Drink more milk.

  2. By Subramanian Subramanian on

    I met a close childhood friend last week after a gap of 29 years ! he was at the cutting edge of technology in mobile world worldwide for two decades and now he is a partner with a large American venture capital firm. My friend is based in Bangalore. His remit is investments in next generation technology, health an education. He spoke about mind boggling things happening in health research- it is crazy.

  3. By Dhananjay Nene on

    Rajib Darwin could’ve never anticipated the evolution of cow genetics in India, them being revered and sacred and all that, they always survive, fittest or not 🙂

  4. By Subramanian Subramanian on

    Rajib Roy Both our daughters were lactose resistant. Both grew up on Prosoyal ( soya milk powder for kids ). The resistance vanished by the time they turned two.

  5. By Dhananjay Nene on

    Subramanian Lactose resistance at birth is a different situation. Usually for most humankind, as they grow older they grow less tolerant to lactose. There is something about the Indian genetic makeup which disables/dampens that (most likely because for a very long time Indian civilisation depended heavily on cattle and their milk, so they genetically adapted)

  6. By Marek Cyzio on

    Lactose resistance was developed in humans to prevent older children from stealing mom’s milk from younger children.


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