4 March 2014

Great start to the day!!!

In Dallas for a day of meetings. Got a great start to the day with a breakfast meeting with Sandy Seibert and Tracy Fitzpatrick. Two of the best recruiters I have had a chance to work with in the past. We recollected the days when they had helped us build one of the best companies in the 1990s and early 2000s.
Got a great glimpse of why they have been so successful in their careers. They could breakdown the strategy of their companies (that they have worked in) in a startling level of detail and great understanding that can often put business managers to shame.
We caught up with a lot of our old friends. I had not seen either for about ten years.
I tried to understand the key drivers behind their success – often fighting back very devastating situations. (Sandy wrested the upper hand in her fight against cancer). Both credited their parents and upbringing for their work ethics and values.
So I asked each what is the one advise they had for me. Tracy’s insight: “Never be afraid of getting out of comfort zone”. Sandy offered “Retain a sense of humor”. All three agreed that what Sandy meant for me was “First get yourself a sense of humor. Then retain it.” đŸ™‚
Loved the meeting. Energized me so much to see my old friends being so successful in life – not just professionally but personally too. Inspired me to set my own bar higher.
Hope that someday they will get together and start a world-changing HR business!!


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