1 March 2014

Nice qawwali to end this Friday evening…

“Muthhee bandh key aanewale,
Tu hath pasarey jayega
Dhan daulat jagir se tune
Kya paya, kya payega?

Chadhta suraj dhire dhire
Dhalta hain dhal jayega”

You, who are born in this world with your fists clenched (symbolizing wanting to hold on to your belongings)
Will die with your palms open (symbolizing you will have to give up everything when you die)
With all your money, property and belongings
What have you got? What are you going to get?

The shining rising run … will slowly but surely be setting on you!!

Posted March 1, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Music/Poetry


  1. By Rupa Bamba on

    िसकंदर जब चला दुनिया से दोनों हाथ ख़ाली थे


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