26 February 2014

Where is the bright goal line?

Yesterday, while visiting my doctor, I heard something that made an impression on me. We were discussing my theory of splitting up our retirement period and taking long time offs multiple times in our life and pursuing other interests than work. My doctor himself regularly takes time off to go serve in Haiti, Honduras etc.

As we exchange notes, one similarity came up in both our experience of discussions on this topic. Most folks worry of the financial stability aspects of taking time off. And the consequential never ending pursuit of financial stability since the goal line keeps getting moved as we even remotely approach the goal line that we had set for ourselves before.

He told me a story of an old friend of his who had put this in a great way. Evidently, what he said was that he did not need a lot of land. He just wanted to own the properties adjoining his!!!

That is an awesome picture of describing a never ending goal!! Had a hearty laugh!!

Posted February 26, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Musings


  1. By Sanjay Pal on

    Sounds like the private equity model– Hire motivated managers (your doctor’s analog of owning the adjoining property) and milk the benefits that flow from the manager’s successes 🙂 (to my PE friends…. no spam please)


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