26 February 2014

Morning run in Alpharetta

The wind was making it real cold. Managed to avoid the rain though. We need to get spring here quickly.
One full week of back to minimalist shoes. Left knee still under observation. Strangely the pain is far less if I increase my speed – not decrease. All that is fine and dandy – but that merely shifts the problem from my knees to the heart and lungs đŸ™‚

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Oh I love that new name of Alpharetta – alphabetgamma!!! It is a city close to where I live about 20 miles north of Atlanta.

  2. By Shubu Mitra on

    @Zia – Hope you are well. I would love to sail on that Sunday…mar 9. Am in Mumbai for a 3 day stop. Can you please let me know what i need to do to book/reserve? Thanks in advance. Best wishes. Shubu


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