13 February 2014

Interest from an IT employee

I got this email first thing in the morning to brighten up my day. Figured this should make Sharmila jealous enough… Instead, decided to move forward and sent the sender this reply… Read the original email (pic attached) first.

Dear Arpita,
I am delighted to know that you are interested in me. It is not often that an IT employee shows interest in me. Tree climbers, may be. Chimney cleaners, maybe. But never an IT employee. That too an IT employee from India. I assume there are not too many of them in India.

I am a bit confused though. Your domain name says “talentjobs.in”. I, perhaps mistakenly, concluded that you might have a great job offer or at least an opportunity for me. But I can’t figure out how your interests in painting, dancing etc etc figures in that.

Speaking of interests – in the last two days, I had two other ladies – Sonali and Jhuma from your company reach out to me with identical interests as you do. I am wondering if you might know them because they are from Howrah too!! What is the chance of that? !

Can I be so bold as to ask you to contact them and settle on a time that might work for all three of you? You see – I have to fly for over 36 hours, then take a bus and then depending on the exact location in Howrah, perhaps an auto rickshaw too! It would be terribly inconvenient for me if I have to do this three times over.

Please let me know…

P.S. I noticed that you write your name with upper case and bold but mine with lower case. Hope you do not think any less of me than yourself.

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