11 February 2014

Another gem from Niki

As many of you know, Sharmila is a pro painter and her favorite topics are boats, horses and such. Once in a while, she ventures into other areas. Sometime back, she drew an abstract painting. For the paintingly-challenged like me, an abstract painting is just that – abstract. No subject, object and all that… at least, that is what I think.

Anyways, Sharmila had put up one of her abstract paintings to dry in the garage. When she drove into the said garage in her car bringing Nikita back from school, another of those hilarious episodes ensued.

Nikita looked at the painting up and down… tilted her head to look sideways into the painting and then finally declared “This goes into the ‘I don’t understand’ pile” and stomped away!

Rest of us were on the floor with our sides bursting…. we laughed so hard….

Posted February 11, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


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