7 February 2014

Patron Cafe, anyone?

One of the best things of the team I work with is the end-of-week or sometimes end-of-day call for “Let’s go for a drink before we go home”. Unsurprisingly, we have solved a lot more problems at a bar than actually sitting in a office. Today’s rule was – “No office discussions”.
Gasan, the team entertainer introduced Sunjay and myself to a new drink – Patron Cafe. It is a shot of coffee and tequila. While we were impressed with his knowledge of the history and owners of the drink, he was no match to our ultimate question – “Tequila makes us sleepy. Coffee wakes us up. Why go thru that hysteresis curve?” 🙂


Posted February 7, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Our Friends


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