6 February 2014

Another intersection point..

In 1983, I met a guy called Manajit in my junior year (11th grade). Last I saw him was in 1985. Our paths ever since could not have been more different. 29 years later, found out that he lives in Denver. Was waiting to find an opportunity to meet him some day. Today was that day !

Saw him after almost three decades over dinner this evening. It was mind blowing remembering those dorm (hostel) days (we were in a residential high school) and he reminded me of at least half a dozen friends that I had nearly forgotten about ! Looks like more intersection points for me to seek.

I was certainly exhilarated to hear his life story. Served as a reminder to me that hard work can overcome most setbacks and obstacles. Good to see him succeed so much. Hard working people deserve the best!


Posted February 6, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Intersection Points


  1. By Rahul Guha on

    Rajib Roy Manajit Sengupta wow, Goba stories — that could be a long and entertaining evening in itself :-)! good to see you guys.

  2. By Sumanjit Ray on

    Seta to jani boss, kintu toke hathat dekhle chinte partam na, I must admit. Anek din par toke dekhe kintu khub bhalo laglo. Mana’r sathe to kayek din aagei khub adda holo, o jakhan India eshechilo. Khub bhalo thakis.


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