1 February 2014

Slow Run

Went out for a run near my neighborhood. Ran slowly for 5 miles. Need to stretch now desperately.

Was listening to songs all the while running on the left edge of the road. Suddenly, as a song ended, I thought I heard footsteps alongside me. Turned around and sure enough, there was a dog following me. Not sure how long it had been running with me. It would not bark, it would not go away – it just kept going with me. Thought of trying a trick and turned around and retraced my path. The dog kept running back with me and then suddenly stopped in front of a property. I am quite sure that is the right house for the dog and also am guessing the owner is a runner and takes the dog for a run… Wish had my phone with me to take a picture….

Posted February 1, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Running


  1. By Jay Banerjee on

    Did u check out if the owner was unwell or deceased or had gone away? Sounds like there needs to be a Contd. section with a twist – but then maybe the dog likes to run…..


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