21 January 2014

Puzzle: 16 coins

I found this puzzle today. I have not tried it myself. But I think you will know when you get the right answer. Further, unlike other times, I am writing this to you on my way out of Atlanta as I commence my business trip, not on my return trip. Which means, I may not be able to check answers till the end of day or in flights…
Do send personal messages only and not comments.

Arrange 16 coins in a simple square of 4 coins by 4 coins. Now, remove 6 coins in a way that every row and every column still has even number of coins left.

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Milind, Balaji, Ramesh, Matt, Pradeep, Madhu and Marangatty Karthikeyan got the right answer. Actually there are multiple right answer . Here is one example…

    X . . X
    X X X X
    . . X X
    . X . X


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