20 January 2014

Evening Run

After a long time, ran in the evening. I am usually a morning person. Went running in the hills. There were a lot of kids horseback riding. I was half afraid that I might have appeared as a traffic cone to the horses 🙂
Nice 63 degrees. It falls to 18 in about 24 hours!!


Posted January 20, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Running


  1. By Pilar Bide on

    Great combination!! Super powerful! Does the shirt converts into a solar energy panel to provide you the energy?? Lol

  2. By Ramesh Mantha on

    You look very nice, slim and healthy thanks to all the running you are doing.. how are the knees holding up? I need to get back to light running atleast, soon. You are an inspiration.


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