13 January 2014

What was that again?

I will not mention who the subject of this story is – for, like most others, I value my life too – but it was too hilarious not to share.

It was a Sunday afternoon – and like most Sunday afternoons, I was going around doing my business – which means mostly doing maintenance work inside and outside the house and cleaning and organizing stuff. Since the temperatures were a little better, I decided to clean up the garage.

Soon, I noticed a lot of clutter – including shoe boxes lying around. I was almost going to throw them into the garbage when I realized that they actually had shoes inside. Opened a box – and there was a nice pair of running shoes inside. And “nice” to me, means flashy colors 🙂

Of course, worried that *somebody* might have forgotten about them, I went inside the house and had this conversation with her:

Me: “Did you know that your new running shoes are lying around in the garage?”
*Somebody*: “I know. I have not found a matching shirt to buy yet. ”
Me (totally confused): “Ok. So why are the new shoes lying around in the garage? Why are they not in the closet where you keep your shoes?”
*S*: I have run out space for more shoes.

I returned to the task of cleaning up the garage wondering what the hell am I thinking taking a year off from work….

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