7 January 2014

Attempt at a personal record

Tomorrow morning in Milton it is going to be 6 degrees F – with windchill -7 degrees F. ( -22 degrees Celsius). I am going to attempt a 5K run to post my personal coldest run of my career. Previous record was nearly 12 degrees F warmer. (It has to be minimum 5K to qualify). I know this is nothing compared to what my friends in Chicago and New York are going thru. I am glad I am not having to run there!!

They say two layers of clothing in the 30s/40s and then an additional layer for every 10 degrees. By that calculation, I will be wearing five layers of clothes to run tomorrow. I think it will be less of running and more of waddling like penguins with outstretched arms πŸ™‚

Posted January 7, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Running


  1. By Fareed Ajani on

    My walk from the car garage to the office was brutal in 20’s so being a calculating man that you are; please weight the pros and cons of your run, waddling etc…..this is one time I would say it’s the thought that counts…cheers

  2. By Ravi Iyer on

    Bangalore is 10 deg C in the morning and I am warned against going out for a run due to the “cold” πŸ™‚

  3. By Ramesh Mantha on

    Once you start sweating, I think you could be uncomfortable in that many layers of clothes. I used to dare to run in extreme cold but never more than a mile. There is something magical about running in extreme cold but its also risky. Take a partner with you and watch for icy patches on road and have someone on standby in case you need help or a ride.


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