13 December 2013

Some interesting trivia puzzles…

Napoleon was not as short as he is made out to be. In fact at 5′ 6.5″, he taller than an average Frenchman. So, where did the misconception of he being short come from?

This is for my American football fans. In the very first Super Bowl, at the start of second half, Packers had to kick off the ball twice to start the game. Do you know why?

What is the longest English word that does not repeat a letter?

Once before, we had talked about English words which have all the vowels in the proper sequence – e.g. Abstemious. Now can you come up with words that have the vowels in the reverse order? (First u, then o….)

The phrase “two plus eleven” and “one plus twelve” are interesting in that both give “thirteen”. They have another relationship. Can you find out what?

There is a debate on whether “I am” or “Go” is the shortest English sentence. It depends upon whether you believe you have to have a subject stated in a statement. Do you know what is the longest sentence in English language?
I will give you the answer – “Marriage” đŸ˜‰
Okay, that was not a trivia puzzle. Try the other ones….

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    1. In the documentation of Napolean’s time, he was mentioned to be 5’1″. However that was the French measurement of inches. And yes, it was different. Napoleon was not that short.

    2. NBC was still showing ads!! The refs restarted the second half!!!

    3. Uncopyrightable

    4. Subcontinental, uncomplimentary, unoriental and unproprietary (Buck, you have a point in your message. I kind of agree)

    5. They are anagrams of each other.


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