10 December 2013

Tuktuki !!!

Much delayed flight to New York. Reached after 9 pm. Of course, the first thought was why waste a perfect dinner on myself when there is always a chance to revisit an old intersection point?

Managed to wake up Paromita – little sister of my dear friend from high school and college days – Partho Roy – and we had dinner. (I did give her an advanced warning a few hours back).

She thinks we met last in 2003. Neither Sharmila nor I can remember that. I do recollect meeting her in 1988 though!!!

I found out that her dorm room mate from college days is none other than my own brother ‘s wife !!!

Also that she dated somebody from my team some twelve years back and I used to be a common topic of discussion for the date nights . (No points for guessing that it did not work out 🙂 )

While ten years younger to me, I still asked her life’s lesson in a few words. Without hesitation, she said “Stand up for yourself”. She has no idea how closely I relate to those words…..


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  1. By Paromita Roy on

    Rajibda very nice seeing you after ages and remembering the durgapur bubble – and we should not wait so long before I see you (and Sharmila-di as well) next time


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