2 December 2013


Met Amrith last night after a long time! In fact, the last time I saw him was Apr end, 1993!! We studied in the same MBA school, did summer training in the same company (COSL), stayed at the same place while doing our training (Wilson college in Mumbai), took up our first jobs in the same company and even lived in the same apartment for a few months in Mumbai!

Then I lost touch. He was gracious enough to pick me up from the airport and dropped me at the hotel after dinner.

Amrith, among all my friends, is probably the one with the highest number of patents against his name. Here is an interesting tidbit about him – while in Indonesia, he had once hacked into an internal system thru a security hole in the OS of Stratus hardware. When Stratus found it out, they promptly offered him a job to take him off the market!!! Cool!

It was great catching up on a lot of our old friends!!



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  1. By amrith on

    and this popped up on the ‘way back’ feed today đŸ™‚ Good times!


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