27 November 2013

Living in the “now”

Beautiful onset of dawn as first daylight cracks thru the clouds …. Verdant rainforest fresh from a shower of overnight rain…. Each tree silently standing and watching…. Clouds playing peek-a-boo with the volcano peak… Flocks of bright colored birds flying by….. Multitude of mellifluous bird chirps…. Howler monkey howling somewhere yonder…. The constant babbling of the brook creates an auditory illusion of rain falling …. Humming birds darting by…. Brilliant multi-colored flowers gently swaying in the ever so light breeze….

Time has come to a standstill


Posted November 27, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Amitesh Mukherjee on

    Beauty of nature expressed beautifully. Brilliantly written. If you get bored with your current profession, you can retire and come back to start a career as a poet/writer/author. I hear a semi-retirement for nine months to a year is usually good for a change of career :-). I am trying to find beauty in a cloudy, windy, wet Atlanta morning. Another beautiful day is starting. Awesome.

  2. By Neel Majumdar on

    I am jealous, Rajib! And here I am stuck between commutes to two cold and wintry places – Denver and Minneapolis. Like they say, “some guys have all the luck”. 🙂 enjoy and come back relaxed and recharged.

  3. By Neel Majumdar on

    Amiteshda… Rajib has won many other raffles that he hasn’t told you over jugs of wine at Azul Agave. Can’t you tell from the expressions on his face, it’s got “Luck” written all over it! 🙂


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