14 November 2013

Puzzle – populous cities

Today, my friend Gasan showed me this. I was totally stunned. The question is “What are the top cities by population in the world?”. Not the population of the metro area but just the city proper. (The metro area list is very different) . You have to do this without Googling. I will give you the city names. Can you rank them?
Try it and then check in Google. Or I will post the answers:

Beijing, Delhi, Guangzhou, Istanbul, Karachi, Moscow, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Tianjin (in China)

Note that the top 4 cities by metro area population – Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City and New York City do not figure in the above list!!!

Posted November 14, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Puzzles


  1. By Jyotsna Subramaniam on

    Shanghai,Mumbai,Istanbul,Guangzhou,Beijing,Delhi,Sao Paulo,Tianjin,Karachi,Moscow the logic being firstly commercial capitals denser than state capitals, so likely to be more populous and secondly ordered by country’s population. Now i know i am wrong since you say you were stunned and logic would not have done that to you can’t wait to google


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