9 November 2013

Religious wars!

The religious wars over android vs iOS vs Microsoft has not escaped the team I work with. A classic conversation over drinks this evening….
Raj (a diehard iOS hater) : “I tested out Surface this weekend”….
Sunjay (iOS fan; but more importantly a fan of poking fun at Raj) : “So, it was YOU…” (Implying that only one person tested out surface this weekend)….
I am still trying to get over Sunjay’s sharp and quick wit on that one.
Very very funny. Unless you are a FB friend of mine who works at Microsoft, of course!!!


Posted November 9, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Rajashekar Sundar on

    I am not a die-hard IOS Hater – love the fact that that even corporate jet setters fall for the Apple marketing trick that a dumbed down device is a better device. To Sunjay’s point, I have seen MS-Surface used by one other person in the last one year and so, the tablet wars are heating up.


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