7 November 2013

Eating gold???

I have a question for all of you…
Last night, my colleague Leigh Ann and I went for dinner in London and we ordered some champagne. You see those flaky stuff in the drink ? Those are not bubbles – those are 23K gold flakes!!!
I have never had any drink with gold flakes in it! The funny part – the price was no different than any other glass of champagne. So here are my questions:

1. What is the root of this practice of putting gold flakes? Is it just to make it seem fancy?
2. Is it not dangerous to health to ingest rare metals like gold? Conversely, is there any known beneficial effect?

It was a little jarring though. I kept having this visual in my mind where I was eating food along with the aluminum foil it was wrapped in πŸ™‚


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  1. By Ranga Sampath on

    In India they serve dosa on edible gold foil. It is the latest in alternate medicine and high culture! Gold is supposed to be good for you and being able to afford it is even better

  2. By Keya Banerjee Guin on

    In West Bengal we often eat misti with silver foil (taubauk??) on it and we survived. I think these metals do not react that much (noble metals in periodic table).

  3. By Vijay Ramchandran on

    You’ve never done shots of Goldschlager I presume:) There used to be rumors that the gold flakes make minor cuts in your throat that increase the rate of intake of alcohol…but in reality they are purely for novelty purposes. The amount is so small and it is so inert that it won’t do anything. I’m waiting for a comment with some toilet humor:)


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